What Is Toothbrush Disease?

When it comes to public health epidemics, most of us think of chronic or life-threatening conditions like diabetes, cancer and obesity or fast-spreading communicable illness like Zika virus or ebola. Yet, many are surprised to find out that there is one epidemic that impacts millions of Americans and is frequently undiagnosed until permanent damage has occurred. It is toothbrush disease caused by overbrushing which can lead to gum recession, sensitivity of the teeth and eventually periodontal disease. If not prevented, toothbrush disease can lead to permanent tooth loss.

Too Much of a Good Thing

We’re all taught from an early age that brushing our teeth with a nylon bristle brush is a must for good oral health. Yet, many of us are overzealous when it comes to brushing our teeth. In fact, in a paper published by the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry about tooth hypersensitivity and gum recession, “excessive dental habits” were indicated as a primary cause of tooth enamel loss and gum recession.

While toothbrushing technique can be a factor in gum recession, the toothbrush itself is also a contributing cause. The nylon bristles on a standard toothbrush can be abrasive and damaging to fragile gums and dental enamel. Over time, these can wear down leading to exposed roots and tooth sensitivity. Once gums begin to recede, root decay can begin to set in.

Preventing Toothbrush Disease

Ironically, the individuals who are most likely to develop toothbrush disease are those who are dedicated to their dental care routine. It’s often a result of too much brushing. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity and receding gums  despite taking great care of your teeth, it may be the result of overbrushing. Along with obtaining regular dental treatment, it’s wise to consider an alternative to nylon bristle toothbrushes that is gentler on teeth and gums.

The Ultra-Soft Toothbrush

The PeriClean® Ultra-Soft Toothbrush is a safe and effective alternative to nylon bristle toothbrushes that’s gentler on teeth and gums. Crafted with soft rubber bristles that are effective at removing plaque but do not damage gums and tooth enamel, PeriClean can help prevent toothbrush disease and subsequent unsightly long teeth when used as part of a comprehensive oral health routine that includes regular dental visits and flossing.