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In over forty years of practice, I have performed many surgical graft procedures on my patients to replace gums that have been scrubbed away by too much brushing. I am often faced with replacing gums that are receding because of the wear and tear that has occurred from using standard nylon toothbrushes. I designed the PeriClean Ultra Soft Specialty Toothbrush to help patients with receding gums. I have seen first-hand in my clinical practice how the gentler PeriClean Toothbrush has stopped receding gums and has even actually shown regrowth of the gums after using it for several months, saving my patients from expensive and invasive dental procedures and gum grafting surgeries.

Dr. Jack Gruber DDSPeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush


I have used the Periclean toothbrush for 5 months now. I am amazed by the results. I was having all kinds of problems with sensitive gums that hurt when brushing with the common soft bristle nylon brushes that I was using all my life. Now they do not hurt at all when brushing. I am now able to eat peanuts, pecans, small stick pretzels, and even ice cream that I could not do before without a lot of gum pain. I could not drink hot or cold water because of the pain and now I can more and more each day. It appears the gums are growing back. Hallelujah!!! The Periclean is so gentle to my gums. I use it 3 times every day plus flossing in the evening. I’m amazed how something so gentle can clean my teeth so well. The Periclean brush has helped me also to get in touch with the care of my teeth better.

Joseph M.

I have been using the toothbrush for a couple of weeks and so far I’m quite pleased. I easily accumulate a lot of plaque and tarter in my mouth so I tend to be a hard brusher to try to keep it at bay. I’ve done a bunch of damage with decades of overbrushing and have quite a bit of gum recession. The great thing is that with the periclean I can brush with some vigor without hurting my gums while keeping my mouth clean. I’ve heard that some users have even grown back some of their gums over time. I’m hoping to be one of those individuals! An issue I have is that my lower gums are inflammed but since using the brush the inflammation has already lessened a bit. Another bonus is if you buy the periclean and have any questions Dr Gruber is great about answering them. I feel like in buying the periclean in addition to getting a great toothbrush I also got individualized responses to my questions from a very knowledgeable, seasoned periodontist! So far very happy.

Amazon Customer

It’s really gentle on my gums which is what I love the most about it! I would recommend this to people who have sensitive gums.

Jeremy P.

Outstanding results again two years in a row. Gums better than 3 years ago. Dentist totally amazed. All due to brushing with this brush.


The PeriClean Ultra Soft Specialty Toothbrush is a unique tool that allows patients to brush their teeth and gums effectively, without harming gums or abrading tooth structure. It is ideal for those who aggressively over-brush their teeth and gums. We have seen clinical cases of gums growing back, as much as several millimeters in some cases of receding gums within several months after using the PeriClean. The PeriClean allows the gum tissue to reach its genetic potential, where other toothbrushes prevent this by constantly working against gum growth. Seeing Is Believing!!!

Dr. Neal Seltzer DMD

Many of our patients come into our office complaining of tooth sensitivity that comes from over-brushing. Flouride and desensitizer treatments can provide temporary relief, but we wanted to offer our patients a more permanent solution to their gum-recession problems. When Dr. Jack Gruber showed us his ultra-soft PeriClean toothbrush, we immediately offered it to our at-risk patients. Patients using the PeriClean have reported drastically less tooth sensitivity without sacrificing oral cleanliness. We recommend the PeriClean to any patient with delicate tooth enamel or thin or receding gums.

Dr. Irene Rogusky DDS

I have been using the PeriClean Toothbrush for approximately 9 months and my gums feel better than ever! I cannot go back to using a conventional toothbrush because I love the way it feels and the fact that it’s helping to prevent problems with my gums. At my most recent dental cleaning a few weeks ago, the Dental Hygienist remarked about how healthy my teeth and gums looked. I told her it was because of the PeriClean and now she’s using it too! The PeriClean is the best product I have ever used for my gums. I highly recommend it.

Leo W.

Hello PeriClean! Just wanted to say Thank You for the PeriClean Toothbrush. I’ve been using it now for about 4 months and it is so gentle, comfortable and easy to use that I can’t say enough good things about it. I’ve had receding gums and deep gum pockets for the past 7 years that several Dentists and Periodontists said I need special care for. I’m so grateful that I have found this amazing product that so gently and thoroughly cleans my teeth and gums. Thanks again!

Steve B.

Dear PeriClean Team, Many thanks for the PeriClean toothbrush. I was seeking ways to help my gum disease online and I am very pleased with this ultra soft toothbrush which leaves my teeth feeling cleaner than ever and well protected.

Mairead G.

With loose teeth and sore gums, getting my grandchildren to brush their teeth was an ongoing battle. The PeriKids Toothbrush gently brushes their teeth and does not hurt their gums – they really love it! And they now actually brush their teeth on their own without any reminding. Thank you for this amazing product!

Anne Marie L.

I purchased PeriClean toothbrushes for my daughters (ages 10 & 11). They have been using it for several months and they love it. It is the only toothbrush they will use. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a gentle brush that will help prevent gum recession. Also, they just had their regular dental check up and surprisingly the dentist was impressed with their brushing and lack of plaque.

Robert T.

The toothbrush lasts forever and my gums love it! It is unlike any other toothbrush I have ever used. I have been using the Periclean for more than 6 months and have noticed a huge difference in my gumline. I am a habitual over brusher and my gumline was receding. I was beginning to feel pain (and bleed) when I brushed my gums. I no longer have that problem and have a noticeable improvement in my gumline. My teeth are squeaky clean after using my PeriClean toothbrush and it has lasted longer than any bristle brush I have ever used. It takes a week or so to get used to — especially if you brush your teeth too hard like me. But I am now pain free, my gums are in much better condition and I never bleed when brushing anymore. I highly recommend this brush!

Christine M.

After a visit to my dentist last year, I was warned about brushing my teeth too hard and told that the gums on my bottom teeth were receding. My dentist recommended brushing with a softer toothbrush and so I came across this product. It’s been great and so far it looks like my gums are loving it as well. The brush works like a charm.

Leah R.

A friend that has sensitive gums, as I do, told me about the PeriClean Ultra-Soft toothbrush… I ordered a few and started using the product about 4 months ago. It takes a week or two to get used to, because it does not have nylon bristles like my old brush. I have been using it twice a day and flossing almost every day and my dentist just gave me a rave review, when I went for a check-up/routine cleaning. Before PeriClean, I had been brushing too hard and had, clearly, been running the risk of damaging my gums. Now, I am in love with the results that PeriClean is giving me and I would recommend it to anyone – they even make a kids version, so… very cool!

Will G.


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