Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS, Specializes in Oral Care for Toddlers Throughout Long Island, NY

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums starts at an early age, which is why oral care for toddlers is so crucial. By teaching your children the importance of oral hygiene and ensuring they have routine checkups, you can be sure that your toddler will have a beautiful, strong and healthy smile that will last a lifetime.

The Importance of Oral Care for Toddlers

The foundation of healthy and strong permanent teeth begins during the first years of life, which is why oral care for toddlers is so important. It has been found that poor oral hygiene in the first few years of life leads to tooth decay in even the youngest of children, which leads to an increased risk of decay in permanent teeth, as well as a host of other oral health problems. Establishing a proper oral hygiene routine during the toddler years will help to ensure your children develop strong and healthy permanent teeth, and increase the chances that those permanent teeth will last them a lifetime.

The enamel of the primary teeth isn’t as strong as the enamel of the permanent teeth, which means that they are highly susceptible to decay. Though the primary teeth will eventually fall out as the permanent teeth erupt, they play a vital role in a child’s health and development. Not only are they vital tools for eating and speaking, but they also play a key role in ensuring the proper spacing and alignment of the permanent teeth. As such, adequate oral care for toddlers is imperative.

Proper Oral Care for Toddlers

Proper oral care for toddlers begins in the home. Parents play a key role in establishing a healthy oral hygiene routine.

  • Brushing – Brushing should begin even before a child’s teeth emerge. Use water and a toothbrush designed for babies, or a soft washcloth, to gently brush his gums twice a day. When teeth begin to emerge, they should be brushed twice a day with an infant toothbrush and water. By the age of 2, you can introduce toothpaste, but be careful to use only a small dab of non-fluoride toothpaste. When your child is old enough to not swallow toothpaste, he can begin using fluoride toothpaste twice a day. The PeriClean® Toothbrush, a brush that contains soft bristles instead of harsh nylon bristles, is an excellent option for children, as it will help prevent the development of gum recession.
  • Flossing – When the teeth start to touch together, floss between them once a day.
  • Routine Dental Appointments – The first dental visit should take place around a child’s first birthday. Following the initial appointment, dental visits should occur once every 6 months.

By establishing a good oral health routine at an early age, parents can ensure that their children will understand the importance of dental hygiene, and children can enjoy strong, healthy teeth.

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