Dr. Jack Gruber and the PeriClean® Toothbrush – Preventing Gum Recession in Children

Most people think that periodontal disease is a problem that afflicts older people; however, gum recession in children is a growing epidemic, and one that can impact a person’s oral health for a lifetime.

Gum recession in children can start to present as early as the toddler years. The impact not only does damage to the primary (baby) teeth, but it also impacts the development and the health of the permanent (adult) teeth. Children who suffer from receding gums are more prone to sensitive teeth, tooth decay and even premature tooth loss.

Types of Periodontal Disease in Children

Just like adults, children can develop periodontal disease, which, if left untreated, can ultimately lead to gum recession in children, and host of other oral health issues.

Children are susceptible to all types of periodontal disease, including:

  • Chronic Gingivitis. A condition that is marked by swollen and red gums that can easily bleed.
  • Aggressive Periodontitis. This condition causes a severe loss of alveolar bone and typically impacts the first molars and incisors.
  • Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis. Inflamed gums, the development of heavy plaque and loose teeth are the trademarks of this form of periodontal disease.

Each of these forms of periodontal disease can lead to gum recession in children, and, if left untreated, can eventually cause the loss of not only the primary teeth, but the adult teeth, as well.

Treatment for Periodontal Disease in Children

The best way to treat periodontal disease and gum recession in children is to prevent it. Establishing an effective oral hygiene routine as early as possible is paramount for prevention. Not only should children have regular dental checkups, but they should also exercise proper oral hygiene at home.

An oral health advocate for more than 40 years, Dr. Jack Gruber not only provides routine checkups for patients of all ages, including children, but he also stresses the importance of prevention in combating the development of dental health problems, including periodontal disease and gum recession in children.

Dr. Gruber’s innovative and revolutionary PeriClean Ultra-Soft Toothbrush is one of the most advanced, yet one of the easiest to use tools that can be used to prevent gum recession in children. Unlike the harsh nylon bristles of traditional toothbrushes, the PeriClean Toothbrush features soft rubber bristles that are powerful enough to remove plaque and other debris that can impact the health of the teeth and gums, yet are soft enough to prevent receding gums; a major side effect of brushing with conventional toothbrushes.

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Treating gum recession in children starts with proper oral hygiene at home. By brushing with the PeriClean Toothbrush, your child’s teeth will be safely and properly cleaned, keeping receding gum lines and a host of other oral health problems at bay.

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Your gums are  The Skin of Your Teeth®. Protect them the way you protect the rest of your skin because gum health often reflects a person’s overall health.

PeriClean does not prevent nor treat gum diseases. Use a PeriClean ultra-soft toothbrush to clean your teeth as part of an active effort to avoid receding gums. See your dentist for regular dental checkups.