Dr. Jack Gruber, Inventor of the PeriClean, featured on The Digital Tradeshow Podcast

Dr. Jack Gruber, inventor of the PeriClean, was recently interviewed by John Stamper for an episode of The Digital Tradeshow Podcast, a podcast about what’s new and what’s next when it comes to the products and services used in the dental industry. In this podcast episode, Dr. Gruber tells us his story from starting out in dental school over 40 years ago to how dentistry has changed and progressed since then. He also explains how and why he invented the PeriClean ultra-soft toothbrush.

When he first started out in the dental industry, a lot of people didn’t even know what a periodontist was. It has been a journey for him to become one of the leaders in his field while also bringing awareness to people about their gums and periodontal disease. One of the most exciting things for Dr. Gruber is educating the public and having his patients see and understand the anatomy of their gums, bone and enamel.

On top of being a periodontist, teacher and researcher, Dr. Gruber is the inventor of the PeriClean ultra-soft toothbrush.  He discusses how the PeriClean has become an important part of his life and a family business with his son managing and shipping the orders that come in from all over the world.

To hear more about the history of the PeriClean as well as some fun facts about Dr. Gruber, click here for the full episode of the podcast.