Comparison of Periclean® and Traditional Soft-Bristle Toothbrush

A recent study investigated how the ultra-soft Periclean cleaner would hold up against a traditional soft-bristle brush. For the study, 15 people were divided into two groups. The groups would use one method of dental care for 2 weeks, then go back to their normal method of brushing for one week, and then try out the other method for 2 weeks. Exams were performed at critical points during the study:

  • Prior to week one
  • At the end of the second week
  • Prior to week four
  • At the end of the fifth week

Two methods were used to score the products. One was the Silness Loe Index (SLI), and the other was the Quigley Hein Index (QHI). The SLI recorded no significant difference between the two products. The QHI showed a slight variance, but while the brush resulted in a higher score during the first period, the brushless tooth cleaner had a higher score in the second period of study. Effectively, then each method tested equally well.

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A Victory for the Brushless Cleaner

The fact is that the toothbrush has been the gold standard in dental care for decades. Nylon bristles are the norm, and to challenge their ability to clean has almost been considered sacrilege in the dental industry. The study reveals that the Periclean system is equally effective at maintaining gum health and staving off the effects of gingivitis and gum disease by keeping teeth free from plaque. This is really the first time in decades that anything has arisen to challenge the traditional toothbrush.

What is the Periclean brushless system made from?

  • Handle – The handle is Polypropylene. It is an FDA approved product that has antibacterial properties, is recyclable, and is made in the United States.
  • Pad – Instead of a brush, Periclean uses a thermoplastic rubber pad. This has also been FDA approved, is domestically made, and is recyclable.

What are the advantages of Periclean over a traditional brush?

  • Effective – The Periclean brushless cleaner proved as effective at removing plaque as a traditional toothbrush.
  • Gentle – While a soft bristle brush is certainly gentler than one with harder bristles, the rubber pad of the Periclean may be even gentler on the gums. This can mean less damage during brushing – damage that could eventually lead to a receding gumline.

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More Research for the Future

While the results of this study are fairly straightforward, more research is needed. Obviously, 15 patients make for a relatively small study. Future studies should involve more patients to ensure the results are not an anomaly. Also, this study had many more female participants than male, so future studies could be more balanced demographically. Future studies will also compare more closely the effect on receding gums for a standard toothbrush versus the rubber pad.

Until then, the brushless cleaner is off to a good start in clinical studies, and we look forward to future positive results.

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New Clinical Trial Shows PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush Can Reduce the Risk of Gum Recession

Researchers from the College of Dental Medicine at Western University of Health Sciences recently published the results of a year-long study comparing the efficacy of the PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush against a traditional soft nylon-bristle toothbrush. After 12 months of evaluating subjects with gingival recession, ranging in age from 18 to 80, the researchers concluded the PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush did reduce the risk of gum recession.

Among the findings:

  • Nylon bristles (whether soft, medium or hard), found in most traditional toothbrushes, produced the most gingival damage.
  • Subjects who used the PeriClean had “much less” toothbrush damage than those using traditional nylon-bristle toothbrushes.
  • Traditional nylon-bristle toothbrushes are more likely to damage and abrade gum tissue and contribute to connective tissue loss that leads to gum recession.
  • A bristle-less brush is more suitable in preventing additional gum recession in patients with a history of aggressive tooth brushing.

Learn more about how the PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush can reduce your risk of gum recession.

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