Gum Disease – An American Epidemic

Each and every day, we’re inundated with media reports about serious health epidemics, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Yet, there is another health epidemic that impacts far more Americans than any other condition, and it gets far less exposure and is rarely discussed. It’s gum disease, also called periodontal disease. You may […]

Preventing Cavities in School-Aged Kids

Transform Your Kids into Tooth Brushing Experts

We teach our children from an early age to brush their teeth each and every day because it is vital to maintaining a healthy smile. While most parents are focused on just getting kids to brush their teeth; far fewer take the time to actually learn and teach their children proper dental hygiene and brushing […]

How to Ensure You and Your Family Have Healthy Teeth and Gums

From a baby’s first tooth to visits from the tooth fairy to twice yearly dental visits, and braces, childhood is filled with plenty of dental memories. To ensure healthy teeth for years to come it is vital for children to learn preventive dental care habits from a very early age. This includes brushing of course as […]

How The Traditional Nylon Toothbrush May Be Causing Your Gums To Disappear

Because of the scare tactics, including graphic images of bad teeth, many have been pushed into over-brushing. From the time you were little, you have probably been told to brush your teeth. it is an important habit for children and adults alike. But it is possible to brush your teeth too much and too hard. […]

How to Get Your Children to Brush Their Teeth

Does your child struggle with the everyday routine of tooth brushing? This is a common challenge that many parents and their children face. Yet, there are some simple ways to get them to develop a healthy oral care routine without an argument or having to call a timeout. In fact, once you your child gets […]

Dr. Gruber Releases Guide to Understanding and Reversing Gum Disease

How the Traditional Nylon Toothbrush May Be Causing Your Gums to Disappear Great Neck, NY — Dr. Gruber DDS, a leading authority in the silent epidemic of gum recession and gum disease, says “it’s time to take a closer look at how we clean our teeth and to rethink the traditional nylon toothbrush” in a […]

The Evolution of the Toothbrush

Humans have practiced hygiene throughout history, with periodic advancements being made to improve safety and effectiveness of the various methods. Bathing began as one of the earliest forms of hygiene, when early peoples would clean themselves and their clothes in bodies of water. From there, more advanced hygiene practices (including improved oral care) came about […]

5 Ways to Halt the First Signs of Gum Disease

The Cons of Oil Pulling

What Is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling or oil swishing (an ancient Ayurveda remedy) is the process of putting oil in the mouth (usually sesame or organic coconut oil) and then swishing it around for 15 – 20 minutes. As you are swishing the oil in your mouth, the toxins from your body accumulate in the […]

Dr. Jack Gruber Named Teacher of the Year by Northwell Health

We are proud to share that Dr. Jack Gruber, creator of the PeriClean and PeriKids Ultra Soft Specialty Toothbrushes, has received the 2016 Outstanding Teacher Award from Northwell Health! Read why Dr. Gruber was selected for this honor: “While deciding who should be nominated for teacher of the year, it was necessary to consider what […]

gum recession

Protecting Teeth and Gums from Bone Loss and Sensitivity

Did you know that both your tooth enamel and gums are extremely thin? Tooth enamel is actually about the thickness of an egg shell, while gums are merely paper-thin! Due to the fragility that this creates, brushing too hard can break down tooth enamel and wear away gums. If you’ve experienced sensitive teeth, it could […]