Preventing Gum Disease with Dental Implants

5 Tips for Whiter Teeth – A Guide on How to Whiten Your Teeth

Many people are self-conscious that their teeth are yellow or discolored. You can whiten your teeth and be proud of your teeth and your smile when you make a few simple changes in your diet and dental care. 1. Put Yourself on a Whiter Teeth DietMany common foods and drinks contain natural and artificial dyes or coloring, […]

Abrasive Toothpaste – Are Your Oral Habits Hurting Your Teeth?

You use toothpaste to help clean food particles and plaque from your teeth, similar to washing your hands with soap to remove dirt and bacteria. What is the best kind of toothpaste to get teeth clean? You may not know that there are ingredients in toothpaste that affect your teeth in surprising ways. Some manufacturers […]

What Causes Yellowing Teeth

Your teeth begin to turn yellow and become discolored for a variety of reasons. In many cases, yellowing of the teeth is due to staining of the enamel and the accumulation of plaque on the teeth due to poor hygiene. Extrinsic yellowing of the teeth has to do with the exterior of the teeth and is […]

Oral Hygiene Tips – How Brushing Can Cause Sensitive Teeth

You probably take adequate care of your teeth and gums and aim to avoid tooth decay and sensitive teeth by relying on the dental care you learned as a child. In fact, if you use a standard, hard bristled toothbrush and an abrasive toothpaste, you may be causing damage to the eggshell-thin enamel of your […]