PeriClean®: Protect Your Teeth and Gums With This Unique, Ultra-Soft Toothbrush

How much are you really doing to protect your teeth and your gums? You might think that brushing with a standard nylon toothbrush or even an electric model will be enough to keep your pearly whites bright and healthy, but you’d probably be surprised to learn that your efforts may be lacking. While dentists have learned a lot about oral health in recent decades, the standard nylon toothbrush hasn’t changed in nearly 80 years. Even electric toothbrushes can sometimes do more harm to your gums and enamel than good.

Introducing the PeriClean: a new kind of toothbrush that’s changing dental hygiene for the better.

Why Choose PeriClean?

Even if you don’t currently have any oral health concerns, your attempts to take care of your teeth could actually cause tooth and gum damage down the line. Tooth enamel and gums are both extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Traditional toothbrushes can hurt your gum tissue and tooth enamel, eventually resulting in receding gums or tooth sensitivity. The key to improved oral health is gentle yet effective cleaning, which is where PeriClean comes in.

The PeriClean is totally different from the standard and electric toothbrushes you’ll find on the market. Created by renowned periodontist Dr. Jack Gruber, the PeriClean’s patented, ultra soft bristles are made of high-tech rubber, which means that the brush is soft, flexible, gentle, and long lasting. Yet despite its softness, the PeriClean will thoroughly remove plaque and debris, leaving your teeth and gums clean and healthy — with none of the damage that you’ll accidentally cause with other tooth brushing methods. In addition, a new clinical trial found that the PeriClean Ultra-Soft Toothbrush reduces the risk of gum recession. Finally, the PeriClean can also be used to clean your tongue, subsequently freshening your breath and providing better oral care overall.

Plus, the PeriClean doesn’t require batteries or electricity (making it an eco-friendly option!) and can be used in conjunction with your favorite toothpaste. That means you won’t have to make any real changes to your oral care routine to reap the benefits of the PeriClean. It lasts for up to four months and can be used by children as young as 12 — and our PeriKids brushes are perfect for children who are even younger — which allows your family to embrace good oral habits at an early age.

Don’t wait until you develop a dental problem to start thinking about taking better care of your teeth! Using a harsh electric or standard nylon toothbrush to scrub your teeth and gums raw can cause harm and lead to oral health concerns. The PeriClean’s unique, signature design is gentler on teeth and gums than harsh nylon brushes, all while providing the effective care your mouth needs to stay healthy.

Ready to take control of your dental health? Contact us today to find out more or to order your ultra-soft toothbrush from PeriClean. Your teeth, gums, and tongue will thank you.