A Message From the President, Dr Jack Gruber, DDS

IMG_8322_ppLARGEAfter 40+ years of seeing people unintentionally destroy their gums and tooth enamel, I knew there had to be a better way; a way to prevent gum surgery and other unpleasant consequences brought on by brushing too hard with traditional nylon bristles that — even with soft bristles — may damage gums and scrape away enamel over time.

I am proud to be the inventor of PeriClean® and PeriKids®. My desire to help people, along with knowledge born from decades of treating diseased teeth and gums, was the driving force behind this innovative new product that in some cases has helped gums heal and grow back after continuous use.  Results from a clinical trial at Western University of Health Sciences demonstrated statistically significant improvement of gingival recession when PeriClean is used over time compared to a soft manual toothbrush.  In my opinion some of my patients no longer need grafting after the regrowth.  Gums have not been known to grow back after recession occurs. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the dental industry!

Changing Direction of  Big Business By a Family Business … The Facts on Why It’s Necessary

Inertia is a fact of life in large businesses. A big change in any direction is very difficult for any large business.  Electric toothbrushes, mouthwashes, “special” toothpastes, and even traditional nylon toothbrushes can be too much of a good thing. Consumer awareness drives manufacturers to change products.  As a single product inventor I am trying to make the public aware of the different direction we need to go.  

People today are more health conscious than ever, demanding healthier and better products and services. Oral care is no exception. Dental patients need to become much more educated about oral health and the prevention of gum disease. As a periodontist, I’m here to help with that education, provide care and eliminate oral pain and periodontal surgery that can be avoided with proper education about gum and enamel care — once and for all.

When I recommend a dental floss or explain the proven and tested benefits of PeriClean and PeriKids, it’s because I want you to have a healthy mouth.  After more than 44 years helping people have healthier teeth and gums, my mission today is spreading the word about how to carefully, and properly, care for your mouth.

Oral care. There IS a better way!

Why PeriClean?

PeriClean is a revolutionary new product in oral health care. It’s the first complete redesign of the conventional nylon bristled toothbrush in over 77 years.

Unlike traditional nylon toothbrushes, which are potentially harmful over time to your eggshell-thin tooth enamel, our ultra-soft rubber-bristled PeriClean toothbrush is designed not to harm your gums or contribute to further gum recession. As I stated previously, PeriClean has also helped to grow gums back.

In addition, PeriClean has helped with the following:

  • Reduce bad breath, bleeding and receding gums, and eliminate plaque, tartar and yellowing teeth.
  • Help avoid gum surgery.
  • Looking forward to your next dental visit.
  • Keep that beautiful smile!

The best for you and your dental health,

Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS

P.S. I am honored and excited to write books and eBooks to help you avoid dental disasters. My eBooks are free; learn more by downloading my latest free ebook, “Why the traditional nylon toothbrush may be causing your gums to disappear.”  https://periclean.com/ebook/