Dr. Jack Gruber, Renowned Periodontist & Inventor of the PeriClean® Toothbrush for Gum Recession

img_8282_ppsmallIn his more than 40 years as a periodontist, Dr. Gruber has dedicated much of his career to preventing and correcting periodontal disease, which led him to develop PeriClean, an innovative toothbrush for gum recession.

After treating countless patients with periodontal disease and conducting extensive research, Dr. Gruber noted that the primary cause of receding gums – one of the  side effects of periodontal disease – was the result of aggressive over-brushing with standard toothbrushes. The nylon bristles of traditional toothbrushes, no matter how soft they are, can wreak havoc on the mouth, causing the gums to recede and the tooth enamel to wear away. His answer to the problem: The PeriClean Toothbrush.

The PeriClean Toothbrush: An Innovative Toothbrush for Receding Gums

In order to combat the epidemic that is periodontal disease, Dr. Gruber set forth to create a toothbrush for receding gums, which lead to the invention of the PeriClean, a specialized toothbrush for gum recession.

The PeriClean is the first redesign of the conventional toothbrush in approximately 80 years, and is the first toothbrush for gum recession. In noting that nylon bristles on traditional toothbrushes was the primary cause for receding gums in many of his patients, he decided to replace the nylon bristles with high-tech rubber bristles. The revolutionary and patented design of the PeriClean toothbrush safely whisks plaque and other debris from the teeth without causing damage to the gums. The PeriClean toothbrush has proven to be effective for countless patients, stopping gum recession in its tracks and helping to curtail the development of periodontal disease.  

The PeriClean Toothbrush: Stopping Gum Recession in Its Tracks

Patients who used the PeriClean toothbrush for gum recession actually found that it not only stopped the advancement of the problem, but that it corrected it, making the PeriClean toothbrush for receding gums a tool that prevents gum recession, and actually allows the gums to regrow.

In as little as 2 months, patients who used the PeriClean toothbrush exclusively actually experienced a regrowth of their gum tissue! This innovative toothbrush could reduce the need for surgery to repair receding gums and periodontal disease, making it one of the most powerful inventions in dental healthcare in recent years.

See for yourself the profound difference the PeriClean Toothbrush can make for your oral health!

The PeriClean Toothbrush clearly illustrates Dr. Gruber’s commitment to dentistry and improving the oral health of his patients. As an inventor, his contributions to dentistry have changed the future of oral health, and the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease.

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Your gums are The Skin of Your Teeth®.  Protect them the way you protect the rest of your skin because gum health often reflects a person’s overall health.

PeriClean does not prevent nor treat gum diseases. Use a PeriClean ultra-soft toothbrush to clean your teeth as part of an active effort to avoid receding gums. See your dentist for regular dental checkups.