Dr. Jack Gruber Dental Health & Public Speaker

img_8241_pplargeDr. Jack Gruber is a leading periodontist whose career spans more than 40 years. Throughout his career, he has made extraordinary contributions to the field of dentistry. In addition to  treating patients in his own private practice, Dr. Gruber educates fellow dental health professionals at public speaking engagements, at NorthWell Health System NSUH Department of Dental Medicine and on his Sound Cloud and YouTube channels.

During his talks, Dr. Gruber talks about the epidemic that is gum recession, illustrating the causes of this epidemic and offering advice regarding treatment and prevention not only to his fellow dentists and periodontists, but to the general public.

Changing Dental Health through Awareness and Education

Dr. Jack Gruber has treated countless patients throughout his more than 40 years as a periodontist. He has also conducted extensive research regarding the cause of gum recession. Through treating his patients and his research, he discovered that the majority of patients who present with gum recession experience this all too common condition because of the way they are cleaning their teeth.

During his talks, he illustrates that more than 24 million people suffer from gum recession, which is primarily caused by “toothbrush disease.” This “disease” refers to gingival recession and the wearing of the root surfaced, which is caused by excessive brushing with toothbrushes that contain nylon bristles. Dr. Gruber illustrates that the majority of patients who experience this condition are unknowingly causing damage to their gums because they are brushing their teeth too hard.

Providing Proven Solutions for “Toothbrush Disease”

Receding gum lines caused by over-brushing with toothbrushes that contain nylon bristles can cause a number of problems, including hypersensitive teeth, weakened gums and enamel  and a greater risk for developing decay on the roots.

In an effort to put an end to the “toothbrush disease” epidemic, Dr. Gruber invented the PeriClean® Ultra Soft Toothbrush. Dr. Gruber replaced the nylon bristles used on standard toothbrushes with patented high-tech rubber bristles that are extremely safe, gentle and do not damage the gum tissue or the tooth enamel.

Through his talks, Dr. Gruber discusses the damage that excessive brushing with traditional, nylon-bristled toothbrushes causes, and shares the advantages of his PeriClean Ultra Soft Toothbrush with his audiences. He also provides invaluable information regarding general oral health care, including proper brushing techniques.

Dr. Gruber also shares the latest advancements in periodontics and how dental health professionals can help their patients avoid needing treatment from a periodontist.

As a public speaker, Dr. Gruber continues to make exceptional contributions to the field of dentistry by educating dental health professionals and the general public.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Gruber’s contributions to the field of dentistry, or would like to have him speak at an event, please contact him today! He would enjoy the opportunity to instill his knowledge about dental health with your audience and provide them with invaluable information.

Dr. Gruber’s depth and breadth of knowledge of dental health, as well as the contributions he has made to the field, is advantageous for both dental health professionals and the general public, alike.

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PeriClean does not prevent nor treat gum diseases. Use a PeriClean ultra-soft toothbrush to clean your teeth as part of an active effort to avoid receding gums.