Brush smarter for healthier gums.

PeriClean ultra-soft specialty toothbrush

Dentist Designed and Recommended

The PeriClean ultra-soft specialty toothbrush by Peri-Swab helps prevent gum recession. It is an effective and affordable oral hygiene product that will help you brush smarter for healthier gums. The gums are The Skin of Your Teeth®.


How did you hear about PeriClean?

Perikids ™

PeriClean for kids!

After brushing with PeriClean for Kids, children love the smooth, clean feeling of their teeth.


How did you hear about PeriClean?

How does PeriClean help?

Gum recession is a problem that affects more than 20 million people in the United States. Your gums are The Skin of Your Teeth and hold your teeth in place; when your gums begin to recede, they no longer cover the bone of your jaws. PeriClean was designed by a periodontist to address the problem of brushing too hard that leads to gum recession and depletion of tooth enamel.

PeriClean Ultra-Soft Specialty Toothbrush retains tooth enamel

The enamel of your teeth is as thin as an eggshell. Brushing with a traditional toothbrush can damage the enamel. The ultra-soft PeriClean toothbrush will help you to brush smarter, not harder, to preserve the enamel and your teeth.

PeriClean Ultra-Soft Specialty Toothbrush removes plaque

Plaque is formed when bacteria collect on the smooth surface of the tooth. This biofilm looks pale yellow in color and can result in tooth decay. When plaque is not removed, it begins to harden into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist. With the ultra-soft PeriClean, you brush away the plaque so there is no damage to the tooth or enamel.

PeriClean Ultra-Soft Specialty Toothbrush protects your gums

Your gums are as thin as paper. Brushing with an ultra-soft PeriClean toothbrush will treat them firmly but gently. Gum recession means that the roots of the teeth can also become exposed, which causes sensitivity to cold foods and hot drinks. Gum recession is permanent and painful. When you use the PeriClean ultra-soft specialty toothbrush, you protect your gums from receding and exposing the vulnerable layers of bone underneath.

Benefits of the PeriClean Ultra-Soft Specialty Toothbrush:

  • Advanced concept in dental cleaning
  • An ideal replacement for the standard toothbrush you currently use
  • Protects tooth enamel
  • Removes plaque
  • Helps to prevent receding gums in both healthy and damaged gum tissue

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