Brush smarter for healthier gums.


The first modern, mass-produced toothbrush dates to 1780. Overall, the standard toothbrush has not changed much for more than 200 years. Now there is PeriClean, an ultra-soft toothbrush designed to help you Brush Smarter for Healthier Gums.

The Facts about the PeriClean Specialty Toothbrush and Dental Cleaning:

How does PeriClean protect my teeth better than a standard toothbrush?
PeriClean can help prevent damage to the tooth enamel and gums. Your tooth enamel is eggshell-thin and your gums are paper-thin. After you eat, food debris collects on the tooth and, if not removed, plaque forms on the surface of the tooth. Most people use a toothbrush to remove food and plaque. Many brush their teeth too hard. Brushing will remove plaque, and brushing too hard will damage the enamel and hurt the gums. When you use a PeriClean specialty toothbrush to tackle plaque, the ultra-soft toothbrush head, which is made of rubber, works to remove plaque without scraping the enamel or damaging the gums. A standard toothbrush, no matter how soft, can damage tooth enamel and gums when too much pressure is applied while brushing. The PeriClean lasts up to SIX months; its unique design and antibacterial properties mean it stays clean and does not collect the toothpaste, food particles or bacteria that accumulate on a standard toothbrush. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

How does PeriClean protect tooth enamel?
The enamel, or outer coating of the tooth, is as thin as an eggshell. When you treat it carefully, it will last longer. The ultra-soft toothbrush head of the PeriClean specialty toothbrush, which is made of rubber, is flexible and cannot be pressured to brush too hard. When you brush too hard with a standard toothbrush, you risk scraping the enamel. When you use PeriClean, you will BRUSH SMARTER, NOT HARDER and protect your teeth. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

Does PeriClean clean between my teeth?
PeriClean cleans between the teeth the same as a standard toothbrush. It is best to use dental floss to clean between teeth. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

How does PeriClean protect gums?
The ultra-soft PeriClean treats your gums gently. Your gums are as thin as paper. Brushing the teeth and gums too hard can damage the gums and lead to gum recession. When the gums recede, the bone that holds your teeth in place may be exposed and can weaken. Gum recession is permanent and may require surgery. To keep your gums looking and feeling healthy, use PeriClean, which is ultra-soft and will not hurt the gums. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

Does PeriClean require toothpaste?
Yes, use toothpaste the same way you would on any toothbrush.

How will PeriClean help if my gums are already damaged?
PeriClean is the best solution if you have damaged gums or gum recession. A standard toothbrush can make gum recession worse, especially if you continue to brush the teeth and gums too hard. However, you can safely use PeriClean even on damaged gums.

Is PeriClean a recommended product?
Today, most dental hygienists use rubber-tipped implements to polish teeth after a dental cleaning. etc.  It is an ultra-soft specialty teeth cleaning product that will keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Can PeriClean be used by children?
Every member of the family can use PeriClean. In fact, it is especially appropriate for children as they learn to take care of their teeth. When they brush with the ultra-soft PeriClean toothbrush for two minutes, they will BRUSH SMARTER, NOT HARDER. Most children prefer to use something soft to brush their teeth.

Is it safe for seniors?
Yes! Many seniors have had oral surgery and gum issues in the past, so they appreciate using an ultra-soft toothbrush to clean their teeth.

Is the PeriClean approved by the OU?
The PeriClean toothbrush was approved by the OU in December 2012, which recognizes its unique properties: water does not collect among the rubber bristles; if properly used, it will not cause bleeding; it can be used with a liquid tooth cleanser or mouthwash; because it comes in four colors, one PeriClean may be used for weekday cleaning and one may be designated for use on Shabbos. The PeriClean toothbrush stays clean and does not collect toothpaste, food particles or bacteria. Therefore, a PeriClean toothbrush will last for six months and one used only on Shabbos will last one year.

Who designed PeriClean?
PeriClean was designed by Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS, a leading periodontist with more than 35 years of professional practice. Dr. Gruber saw the results of patients brushing their teeth too hard and designed PeriClean to protect the teeth and gums. He created an ultra-soft alternative to the standard toothbrush that would help prevent gum recession.

How does the PeriClean toothbrush clean without hard bristles?
PeriClean’s ultra-soft and flexible rubber head treats your teeth gently as it cleans the surface. After you eat, bacteria, in the form of plaque, tries to attach itself to the smooth surface of the tooth. If plaque is not removed in a timely manner, it can lead to tooth decay. Plaque is actually soft, but, when it is left alone, it starts to harden into tartar. Once tartar forms, it can only be removed by a dentist. Keeping your teeth clean requires removing plaque before it can harden into tartar. PeriClean tackles plaque while it is still soft; when you BRUSH SMARTER, NOT HARDER, you remove the plaque without damage to the tooth or gums. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

How long does a PeriClean toothbrush last before replacement?
Dentists suggest replacing a standard toothbrush every three months. PeriClean’s high tech design and materials allow it to last for up to SIX months, plus it does not collect toothpaste, food particles or bacteria.

Is PeriClean good for gums or teeth or both?
The PeriClean is safe for both teeth and gums! It is great for receding gums and may be used by people with gum disease. PeriClean is also used as a specialty toothbrush for people who had dental surgery. Learn more in the Dental Health Library.

Will I replace the head or get a whole new unit?
The PeriClean is only available as a single unit, at this time. It may be possible to replace the head in the future. Any new designs will be announced on this website.

Is PeriClean safe for braces?
The PeriClean toothbrush is not recommended for use by those who wear orthodontic braces, unfortunately.

Is PeriClean sold in drug stores?
PeriClean is only available via this website. In the future, we hope to offer PeriClean at all of the major drug and retail stores in the country. For now, you can order your PeriClean online.

Where is the PeriClean made?
PeriClean is proudly made in the USA with FDA-approved materials. The PeriClean is very strong, yet lightweight. Its handle has antibacterial properties. Best of all, it is made of high tech materials that make it flexible and ultra-soft.

If you have any questions regarding PeriClean, please contact us. We are happy to give you additional information, so you can make an informed decision. Remember, PeriClean is a wise investment for you to better manage your overall dental health.