Brush smarter for healthier gums.



The ultra-soft PeriClean toothbrush treats teeth gently and offers a highly effective tool for home dental care. Unlike standard toothbrushes, PeriClean does not scrape at the tooth enamel, which can lead to hypersensitivity, nor does it harm the gums, which can lead to gum recession. Children LOVE to brush with PeriClean for Kids because it makes their teeth feel smooth and clean.

Your gums will continue to be pink and healthy-looking, because they will not be subjected to the strong pressure of overbrushing with a standard toothbrush. You will Brush Smarter for Healthier Gums.

Meet Dr. Jack Gruber, who designed this innovative product for patients to manage their home dental care.

Dr. Jack Gruber, Founder of PeriClean

With more than 35 years experience, Dr. Gruber had treated thousands of patients with gum recession and gum disease. For many, their problems stemmed from brushing too hard. In their effort to clean their teeth and massage their gums with a soft toothbrush, the patients used too much force.

Dr. Gruber advised patients that their tooth enamel was eggshell-thin and their gums were paper-thin. The surfaces could not withstand overbrushing.

In developing the PeriClean toothbrush to help his patients and other people who were brushing too hard, Dr. Gruber created an ultra-soft toothbrush with a rubber head that can be effectively used to clean the teeth and will not damage either teeth or gums.

Because the PeriClean is ultra-soft, it helps prevent erosion of your tooth enamel and will not hurt your gums. Brush Smarter for Healthier Gums with PeriClean.

Your gums are the Skin of Your Teeth. If you care about how gum recession may expose the roots of your teeth and make your smile less attractive, the PeriClean specialty toothbrush is for you.

The PeriClean toothbrush lasts for SIX months. Because of its unique design and antibacterial properties, toothpaste, food particles and bacteria do not accumulate on the toothbrush.

Dr. Gruber also recommends using dental floss to clean the areas between the teeth that are not accessible to any toothbrush. Effective cleansing and flossing will fight periodontal disease.

Now, the PeriClean toothbrushes for Adults and Kids are sold only via direct order from the PeriClean website. Soon, they will be available from dentists and periodontists.

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